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„Suay means beautiful in Thai – and on Suay Music, we are releasing only beautiful music.“

Passion and joy were two of the important things, making the releases of Suay Music so special. Dance, House, Techno and Pop flows into each other always with some fine catchy melodies for your ear. We are just getting this new music label going, to release beautiful and undependend music.

Michael Werner, Label Manager.

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  • DJ Mike Strike – „Suay“

    15. September 2019 von

    „Suay means beautiful in Thai – and that is my new beautiful Track Suay“ – DJ Mike Strike. This is the first release on Suay Music. The Track Suay from DJ Mike Strike comes with a catchy, dreamy melody and has a pumping, crispy clear club dance beat. Cat.Nr. SUAY001

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